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Priority Mailing List Membership - £9.99 One Off Lifetime Administration Fee. Refundable On First Order

Priority Mailing List Membership - £9.99 One Off Lifetime Administration Fee. Refundable On First Order


This could be one of the most important links you click on in your business life if you are involved in buying, selling, dropshipping or sourcing branded sportswear, footwear and equipment - or if you're looking to start a brand new lucrative business buying and selling sports and fashionwear.

In February 2015 we introduced our Priority Membership scheme to allow our regular customers early bird access to massive lists of clearance sportswear direct from the biggest sports brands in the world at the very lowest prices, allowing them to cherry pick the best deals we have before the remaining stock is listed on our website.

It has been so popular that brands such as adidas, Nike, Reebok and Puma often sell out completely before we even offer them out to our standard members or list them on this website.

Those who sign up are sent massive, regular spreadsheets with order tabs attached, can access a unique online website where you can click and order wholesale sportswear and equipment from not only hundreds of top brands but also from our fellow sportswear suppliers in the UK and Europe, as well as step by step instructions on how to get the best deals and even how to dropship goods and presell them before you pay us anything.

All of our customers are fully refunded the £9.99 administration fee after their first purchase regardless of size or value - This charge is simply to deter less serious enquiries from clogging up our mailing lists and having access to stock that we'd rather offer to our regular clients.

In mid May 2017 we are even introducing a revolutionary dropshipping website that will automatically list our goods onto your eBay, Amazon and retail stores so that you have to do absolutely nothing, even your ordersand deliveries will be automated directly by us and your customers will be sent their goods overnight with your own letter headed invoices - Basically a custom made sportswear business - All you will have to do is handle your own customer service - We will do the rest - This will only be offered to our Priority Members.

Please see below the main advantages of becoming a UK Sports Warehouse Priority Member :

  1. Everybody who has purchased from our wholesale website in the last 12 months will automatically be placed on a Priority Email List that will allow you the above benefits when new stock is arriving in.
  2. Buyers on this list will also be asked what kind of sportswear, equipment or clothing they prefer and we will offer to outsource unbeatable bargains to suit your needs if required.
  3. Priority customers will also receive offers at a further discounted rate, as by not listing them online our staff overheads are reduced.
  4. We still do still however offer lots of lines exclusively on the website, and Priority Members will receive notification of these new additions before standard members.
  5. Priority Members will be given the chance to have tens of thousands of items from adidas, Nike, Reebok etc etc automatically added to their eBay, Amazon and retail stores by us, complete with images, titles and descriptions that we will dropship to their customers ourselves - Nobody else in the UK or Europe has offered something this advanced.

If you have purchased online from our current website you do not need to do anything - We have already updated our new mailing lists with your information and you are a Priority Member.

If you have not purchased online from us but want to be on the Priority Mailing List you have two choices:

1.  Buy anything from our site, even a small, low value parcel, and you will be automatically added to the Priority Mailing List.
2.  Purchase Priority Mailing Membership through a one off administration fee payment of £9.99 (Refundable on your first order) - Just click on "Add to cart" and follow the payment instructions.

Customers who have not purchased online from us or have not joined our priority list will receive much fewer offers and emails, and those that are registered for priority will stand a much better chance of getting the deals you are after.

If you are serious about buying tens of thousands of trainers or dropshipping single authentic items of sportswear at the best prices in the UK, this Priority Mailing Membership will cost you nothing and will be the best programme you join in your business lives.

After making three separate purchases from UK Sports Warehouse we can also help you remove any listing restrictions imposed on you by Amazon and eBay when selling top brands such as adidas and Nike by providing you with the authenticity guarantees which these sites are increasingly asking for.

We can access and sell you massive lorry loads of stock or single boxloads, and we treat all of our customers equally, not just in the UK, but throughout Europe and worldwide.

Please contact us on with any queries, and we hope to start working with you shortly.

Jim, Teek, Jenny, Neil and Steph

UK Sports Warehouse

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