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12 x Massive Grey Open Faced Warehouse Tote Stackable Picking Boxes 79x31x59cm Only £9.99 each!!

12 x Massive Grey Open Faced Warehouse Tote Stackable Picking Boxes 79x31x59cm Only £9.99 each!!


Item Description : We have over 3800 warehouse picking boxes available that for several years have provided an excellent solution for our retail warehouse in Oxfordshire that is shortly moving to Swindon where these are now surplus to requirements.

Some of these boxes come from Bentley and were purchased on eBay for as much as £30 each and we have modified them to create tote picking boxes that are incredibly versatile and perfect for storing sportswear for picking - Unlike racking they enable you to store large volumes of stock in manageable areas which you can number in aisles as we have done.

They can be moved in entire columns by sliding even when full of stock which makes moving it around a doddle.

As and when we find more empty boxes during the move we will update the listings quantity, so even if they appear to have sold out, we have many more in each style that we can get ready for you on request.

We have to ship by the pallet but if you want to purchase large quantities of these and collect them yoursleves you are more than welcome.

Most styles of the boxes come ready supplied with the open fronts, and some of the larger styles we have made ourselves by cutting the faces out.

You can see from the images which boxes have been manually cut and the biggest of all we have used to store cricket bats in such is the size of them.

Please let us know if you need to buy quantity by emailing us on

Immediate delivery available to mainland UK only

Grey Open Faced Bentley Picking Tote Boxes

79cm x 31cm x 59cm

These are the big bad hefty boxes we use for cricket bats and they are as tough as anything you've unsed before for storing large, bulky, heavy stock as well as masses of smaller stuff

Retail Price : £30.00

Our Price : £9.99

Total Units Available : Hundreds upon request

Sold in Lot Sizes Of : 12

Total Lots Available (at time of listing) : Hundreds

Box Quantity Per Lot : 12

Delivery Time Estimate :  Immediate

Pallet Delivery Only


 Country Price Per Box
Mainland UK £8.00
Non Mainland UK £15.00
Germany / Belgium / Norway / Holland £10.00
Portugal / Spain £25.00
Italy / Austria / Denmark / Poland £20.00
Sweden / Finland / Switzerland £20.00
France / Republic of Ireland £15.00
Greece £40.00
Russia £100.00



Non UK Customer VAT Information : If you are a non - UK seller and you are VAT registered, please email us your VAT number to and once checked we will send you a code to remove the charge from your invoices at checkout.


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