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MASSIVE Gunn & Moore Cricket Clearance Offers - Bats, Bags, Pads, Gloves, Footwear etc Incredible Prices!!

Around this time of year when the cricket season in the UK has peaked we get offered cricket gear, and lots of it.

We are Gunn and Moore's sole clearance agent (at least until mid November) allowing us to clear it without anyone else dipping in at the same time - After mid November however it goes out to all the shops and mayhem ensues.

You might think that out of season cricket bats and bags, pads, gloves, balls, footwear, helmets etc etc don't sell at this time of year but that is where you would be very wrong - Cricketers know that now is the time to get discounted stuff ahead of next season as they are generally more intelligent than footballers....Not only that, there is a massive boost in sales over Christmas, and with England still touring right through until March next year your sales will remain strong,by which time in March everyone starts buying their cricket gear for the following season - so there is NO lull in sales and this stuff is so cheap you cannot go wrong.

We are not selling it on the website until the masses of stock reduces so you need to email us to obtain the four massive spreadsheets full of stock that we have.

Go through the sheets, choose the stokc you want and email us back with your order ( Copy and paste the lines you want into a separate tab on the spreadsheet and rename the tab with your surname )

You can choose from everything on there as long as you spend £500 plus VAT on your order - We will calculate the shipping costs after you have ordered and reply to you with an invoice.

If you have any concerns about how to order via excel spreadsheet please don't worry - We are including a sample order tab on your email to show you what to do

You can ask for these lists by emailing us on :

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