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Important guidelines regarding the selling of adidas branded stock purchased from UKSW

We have sent this email some time ago but now have many new buyers of adidas so we are resending it again.

We are very fortunate to have access to adidas' clearance offers but we are asked to follow strict guidelines that our buyers must follow to keep them happy - Failure to do so can result in our accounts being closed and your websites and businesses being placed in jeopardy.

There are five simple rules you need to follow when buying adidas from UK Sports Warehouse:

1. When selling online (including eBay and Amazon marketplaces) the word "adidas" should NEVER contain a capital "A" - Listings that do can be removed and adidas can take action against you for brand damages.

2. Images for products have mandatory minimums which are: Footwear - 5 or more images Clothing - 2 or more images These can be your own images or the correct stock images and all must be unique.

3. Each genre of adidas has a sub brand name - For example (adidas Originals) or (adidas Performance). These must be used at all times when selling online without fail in the titles of your descriptions as well as in the main body of the listing.

4. You must never offer these lists we send you to your own customers or offer the goods out anywhere unless already purchased from us.

5. adidas stock purchased from us must NOT be sold in Supermarkets, Hypermarkets or Flash sale sites such as Groupon or eBay Daily Deals.

We will include disclosures on all adidas sales in future to protect us against customers who ignore these guidelines, so please confrim you have read this email when asked after purchasing adidas stock and we hope to continue supplying the world's number one sports brand  for many years to come.


Happy shopping UKSW

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