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Gio Goi & Missing Peace Designer Fleece Tracksuit Pants / Bottoms rrp£60 - All £5.99 each!!

We have around 10,000 units of high end mixed designer tracksuit pants and trousers from Gio Goi and Missing Peace in amazing size runs and incredible prices.

You must email us for a list - If you buy the entire lot we can sell them for less - Otherwise we will send you a spreadsheet in the morning with each line and it's pricing - First come first served.

Again, this offer is not available for you to buy from our website - You must email us for information which we will send to you via Excel spreadsheet.

You then email us back the lines you require and we will send you an invoice with an estimated shipping cost included (Please note - If we can fit your order into fewer boxes we will refund any excess charges for postage)

  • You must buy clear all lines with quantities less than 40 units (and a minimum of 30 units per line for items with large quantity available)
  • You MUST spend £500 plus VAT minimum
  • You MUST email us your order on the excel spreadsheet provided with your order copied and pasted onto a new tab
  • Everything is sold on a first come first served basis, but in cases where there are duplicate orders at the same time, priority will go to the higher value order.
Delivery is estimated only as between 1-2 weeks

Email and we will get these lists over to you - they will sell out quick so get busy.

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