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Delivery Updates For Real Madrid Mini Kits and Manchester United Shirt Orders NEXT WEDNESDAY !!

As most of you are aware, when dealing with adidas we are given estimation dates for deliveries which are very vague and depend largely on how busy they are supplying larger companies such as TK Maxx and M&M catalogue etc.

We often get shoved down the queue when these companies come in with orders which means we can either receive their stock much earlier or later than these estimations without notice or explanation.

Normally we are unable to give you updates even when the estimated delivery time has expired and all we can guarantee is that your orders go out the same day we receive the stock.

However, due to the volume of sales we've had for these two lines we did on this occasion get an update earlier today from adidas to say that they will be delivering these items to us next Wednesday and we will be sending them out immediately.

We do ask that you show patience when ordering adidas which can often be delivered much quicker than the ETA by not asking us for updates that we physically cannot provide. You can rest assure that the minute the stock comes in we will deliver it to you all.

This means that if you wish to order more Real Madrid or Man United stock over the weekend you will receive it next week so please feel free to buy or add to exisiting orders if you want some.

We have some amazing adidas baselayer compression offers going out today that are also coming in next week so will have fast delivery times - these prices are superb and should sell out immediately.

Thanks for your patience - One day we hope to be as big as some of these rival sellers and be able to offer faster delivery on adidas stock so please continue to support us.

Have a great weekend

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