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adidas BRAND NEW LIST Small Quantity Clearance "All Lines Under 12 units" - Clear All Only

Again, this offer is not available for you to buy from our website - You must email us for information which we will send to you via Excel spreadsheet.

You then email us back the lines you require and we will send you an invoice with an estimated shipping cost included (Please note - If we can fit your order into fewer boxes we will refund any excess charges for postage)

This is perfect for retail stores, eBayers, low budget sellers, market traders and start ups because every single line on offer here is below 12 units in quantity.
  • You MUST buy all items from each line that you want. (You cannot pick a few of each or the sizes you like most)
  • You MUST spend £500 plus VAT minimum
  • You MUST email us your order on the excel spreadsheet provided with your order copied and pasted onto a new tab
  • Everything is sold on a first come first served basis, but in cases where there are duplicate orders at the same time, priority will go to the higher value order.
Delivery estimate times are always vague from adidas - It could be under a week or over three weeks, we just don't know - As always we would love it if you didn't ask us for delivery updates that we cannot answer - We will however get the orders out immediately upon receipt from adidas.

Email and we will get these lists over to you - they will sell out quick so get busy.

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